In Flight

HummingbirdBlue HummingbirdBlue2 Hummingbirdblueandgreen Hummingbirdgreen HummingbirdGreen2Two new hummingbirds added to my shop! I really loved transitioning between colors on these guys.

Acrylic on 5×5 gallery wrapped canvas.


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I started noticing lots of hummingbirds out my window after planting some succulents with a red tint. I found a little red feeder and they haven’t stopped coming around since.


I painted near that window one afternoon with my camera near so I could get some pictures. The tan and red ones come around most often, but my favorite are the green. So small and fast. They inspired this piece…


hummingbird3Acrylic on 5×5 gallery wrapped canvas.


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Pink Blossoms




blossom4Acrylic on 8×8 gallery wrapped canvas.

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More Blossoms


I got a commission for a cherry blossom painting after posting the first one. I was enjoying it so much, I painted two for her to choose from. We met, we chatted, and she went home with both!



I’m not done with cherry blossoms, I can’t get them out of my head. I have a cool idea for a set of four that will be finished soon!



Acrylic on 6×6 wrapped canvas.

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Cherry Blossom


I sat down to paint another peony and decided to change it up. 😉


Acrylic on 6×6 wrapped canvas. Available here.

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Sea Glass Healing


I started this painting just after finishing Sea Glass No 3. The colors were so off and I ruined some brushes waiting too long to try to fix them. I was annoyed that I couldn’t get it right, the colors so wrong. It sat in a cabinet for months.

These last few weeks have been difficult. Sad, hurting, and ready for healing. I knew I needed to be creative. I pulled out my paints, brushes, a brand new canvas. It just didn’t feel right. I wanted to fix something I could control. I pulled this canvas out and started quickly mixing blues to cover the colors that were so off.



I was frustrated that there was texture and lines from the old paint. I wanted to get sand paper and just make it all go away. After the old paint was covered with new shades, it didn’t look so bad. That old paint became apart of it, not something that could just be removed. You can’t see them at first glance. You have to look closely, look in the right light, they are there. Hidden under the fresh layers.

I spent a few afternoons working on this, I really didn’t want to stop.  The paint on my palette was starting to get tacky, some brushes getting stiff. I wanted to stay lost in these colors, but I knew it was finished. I washed the brushes. Put away the paint tubes and easel. Found a place for the canvas. Scrubbed the oil paint of my fingers.



Seaglass no 4 is hanging on a wall in the living room. Slowly drying. If only I could speed up that process and be ready for varnish. Some days I spend time looking for those lines, bumps, smudges and some days I stare at the colors and get lost again for a moment.


Sea Glass No 4. Oil on 11×14 wrapped canvas.

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This started out as a soft blended piece, but my palette knife begged to create texture. I am a lover of clouds and they just slowly started to appear. I used oil paints and it is now dry enough to move to a new spot in the house. I think I want to wake up and be able to get lost in the clouds before I start my day…or at least until a cute three year old runs in and jumps on me begging to go downstairs.

PicFrame (1)



Oil on 11×14 wrapped canvas.

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Peony no 5 Double


I’m stuck on peonies! Or I had a lot of left over mixed blue and pink paint. The last few paintings I have done have been on small 6×6 canvases and I forced myself to try larger flowers on a 10×10. It was just like the smaller ones, but using bigger brushes. Now I can’t wait to paint on a huge canvas!


Peonies4Peony no 5. Acrylic on 10×10 canvas.


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Single Peony no 4


Single pink peony in bloom for sale here. Acrylic on a 6×6 wrapped canvas with sides painted to match the background.



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Pink Peonies


A friend asked if I was interested in painting her some peonies for Mother’s Day. I happily said yes, I LOVE peonies! I quickly painted the first pink peony on a 6×6 canvas to show her my style. She loved it and asked for two more!


I was very excited to hand these over and fun to catch up with an old friend. She even surprised me with a peony plant! So sweet!

Peony1 Peony2 Peony3Acrylic on 6×6 canvas.

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