Monogram Art


My sister’s good friend asked me if I would paint some monogram art for her living room. We worked out some details: retro, cobalt blue, grey, stripes, and the was rest up to me.


The circle pattern is my favorite part of the project. I started with stroke and splatters of grey, white, and gold in the background. It took time to get the circles about the same size and lined up right, but was worth it. I love tilting my head and seeing what pops out in the pattern at different angles.


The two striped pieces have a lot of layers of blue/grey and detail lines of black and gold.  I was inspired by a picture of cobalt blue pottery that had darker blue around the edges and lighter blue areas in the center, so I lined the letters with black and added many layers of blue to the center. A thin line of gold surrounds the letters makes them pop a bit.


To finish them off, the sides are painted with this awesome blue gold. My favorite paint mix ever. It looks blue gold in some areas and green gold in others. LOVE. The high gloss varnish really tied the three together and made the colors more vibrant.

This was a fun project and it gave me so many ideas of working pattern into paintings.


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