I haven’t been painting much. Lame, right? I really need to get back in to it, so I forced myself to yesterday. I¬†took out a painted canvas that I didn’t like and drew out a chevron pattern. It’s not my favorite, but it was fun and gave me some good ideas for other paintings.

chevronpainting  02

chevronpainting  01Oil on 6×6 gallery wrapped canvas.



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  1. Christine Feczkanin says:

    Hello Elyse,

    I am writing today because I talked to Sarah who has the Daisy at Home site and saw that she had foam boards of Elephant & Piggie. She highly recommended and said that you created the Elephant & PIggie foam board for her party. I am having an Elephant & Piggie party and would like to have a similar Elephant & PIggie foam board.

    I’d like the Elephant & Piggie foam board to have their faces though. And then one that has a cutout for the guests of the party to get their pictures. However, could you tell me the one with the complete Elephant & Piggie could you make as separate foam boards.

    So I am asking if you could create 3 foam boards. One of Elephant, one of Piggie and One similar which had Elephant & Piggie with the cutout faces.

    The single Elephant foam board and the single Piggie Foam board are you able to cutout the figure or would it be on a rectangular board?

    I live at zip code 44095 (for shipping purposes).

    The size would range between 3 foot and 6 foot…so if you have a price guide for that would help.

    I am having my event in the end of September just to let you know – I am sorry – I just found out about your wonderful art yesterday.

    Could you please let me know what my options are when ordering Elephant & Piggie?

    Thank you for your time.



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