Oil on 10×10 canvas.

Jackson woke up at 6am and called to us from his bedroom. I checked on him and tucked him back in his toddler bed and mound of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. He smiles extra sweet in the early morning. I kissed those dimpled cheeks and told him it was too early to be up. I slipped back in bed and started thinking about the day and everything I’m thankful for: a wonderful husband who is always encouraging me and making me laugh. An energetic two year old that loves to see and do everything. Great friends that I can always have fun with. A big family that is so fun to be around. And painting that let’s me express myself.

I have been stuck on blue paint for a while. I haven’t mixed much else since I started using oils, so I took out all my tubes and started mixing different colors yesterday. I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to paint, I just wanted to play with color. Blobs of paint started to form squares and I started to think about what they represent. Each color a different part of my life. Layered and overlapping pieces that form one big, colorful life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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