Owl Portrait no 7

Owl7-4 Owl7-2Owl7-3Owl Portrait no 7. Available here.



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Geo Droplet

dropletGold! I have always been more of a silver girl, but slowly I have been adding some touches of gold in my home and paintings. And I love it. I saw this tan/blue/gold combination on something recently and was inspired!

I finished this one a couple weeks ago. Sometimes I keep fussing with shapes and then they become a little too perfect, so it took a while to decide if it was complete. I’m really into this raw look to my geo shapes, so you’ll be seeing such more of it!droplet4droplet2droplet3Acrylic on 24×24 gallery wrapped canvas



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Owl Portrait Series


I became slightly obsessed with owls while pregnant with my little girl. She’s been here seven months and I kept thinking about painting a little owlet for her room. It still needs some finishing touches, but it got me excited to start this series.

Six 6×6 owlets with colorful backgrounds! I’m not stopping here, I have a few more with neutral backgrounds on my desk right now.  Take a look!

Owl1-2Owl1-1 Owl1Owl Portrait no 1. Available hereOwl2-1 Owl2-2Owl2Owl Portrait no 2. Available here.Owl3-1 Owl3-3Owl3Owl Portrait no 3. Available here.  Owl4-2Owl4-1 Owl4Owl Portrait no 4. Available here.Owl5-1 Owl5-2 Owl5Owl Portrait no 5. Available here.  Owl6-1 Owl6-3 Owl6Owl Portrait no 6. Available here.


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Owlet in Blue

OwlHow cute are owlets? I love painting birds was excited to try something different from hummingbirds. I started with the eyes and just couldn’t stop for days. Shading with blue and purple was really fun to experiment with and for a few hours I got lots in the pieces of bark,but my favorite part is the signature blending in with the bark cracks!

I am a little owl crazed at the moment, so expect to see lots coming! Currently sitting next to me is a little 6×6 owlet for the nursery.owls4owl2 owls3Owlet no 1 || Acrylic on 8×8 wrapped canvas

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Sea Glass Acrylic Series: Immersed


I painted the first Sea Glass over two years ago! I can’t believe it has been that long. These guys mean so much to me, they are my babies. I have had a couple interests in purchasing them, but I wasn’t quite ready to let them go.

After a couple commissions since the baby was born I was looking through the oil series and I decided it is time. I’m starting a new acrylic series and posting them to the shop as quick as they dry!




Sea Glass Acrylic Series: Immersed

Acrylic on 12×12 wrapped canvas. Available here.

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Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Available here.


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I’m back! Wow, that was a busy summer. Moved and had a baby. Painting got lost in the mix for awhile. It is a bit harder to find the time right now, but painting. It is so good.

I wanted to add some smaller paintings like this one to my shop and then I just got carried away and painted all four at once like they were connected. So, they are for sale individually, but look really cool together as a set! Available here.








Pond no 1 | Acrylic on wrapped canvas


Pond no 2 | Acrylic on wrapped canvas


Pond no 3 | Acrylic on wrapped canvas


Pond no 4 | Acrylic on wrapped canvas

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I have this friend, Sarah (she is totally my person and has the best food blog EVER: Daisy At Home). She and her boyfriend recently moved into a new place and they asked me to paint them a peacock. I was a little bit nervous, I mean, I started and stopped the painting like five times. I have done some larger paintings recently, but none with so much detail. And hello! It was going to hang in a friend’s home!


Finally after a few months and some better planning and then reminding myself that the detail strokes take time, I was making progress. Once the overall shape took form it was really fun adding in all the layers and layers of the feathers!




We got together last night and watched the kiddos run around before they unwrapped the canvas. I’m pretty sure they love it. It was so exciting handing off a large painting to someone, I need to get to work on the stack of large canvases sitting under my desk!


Acrylic on 20×16 gallery wrapped canvas.

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Acrylic on 24×24 gallery wrapped canvas. Prints coming soon..

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My Bouquet


I wanted a BIG bunch of white roses and hydrangeas with a bit of green when I got married. The florist kept trying to suggest something small, since I’m short, but there was no changing my mind! I got my way in the end and loved every bit of it. I don’t have any framed photos of it, so I decided to paint it!

I don’t think I stopped painting for two days before deciding it was ready for varnish. I really love painting flowers! Now that it is done I can’t stop picturing all the other bouquets and floral arrangements I want to paint…

Acrylic on 8×8 gallery wrapped canvas

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